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Including neighbouring districts from Italy, Germany, France (data since May 13), Austria (data since March 25)

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Further information Switzerland

The ultimate Switzerland data page for Corona related stats:
Excellent visualization of cantonal case/hospitalization/death data:
Monitoring of current ICU capacities in Switzerland:


Cantons (daily to weekly): OpenData ZH
Appenzell Ausserrhoden: @rob_salzer/BAG
Vaud: @rob_salzer/BAG
Sources districts:
ZH (monday): OpenData ZH // Details Zurich by @rob_salzer
SG (daily/workdays): Kanton St. Gallen
FR (monday: OpenData ZH/Kanton Freiburg
BE (daily/workdays, since Week 46 ): OpenData ZH/Kanton Bern // Details Bern by @skepteis
GR (daily): OpenData ZH/Kanton Graub√ľnden
BL (monday): OpenData ZH/Kanton Basel-Land
VS (wednesday, since Week 32 ): Kanton Wallis
SO (monday, since Week 38): Kanton Solothurn
TG (monday, since Week 29): OpenData ZH/Kanton Thurgau
Excel-File FR, BE, VS, AG: Download
When district data is missing, the values of the canton are used.

Covid Tracker France
Thanks to @GuillaumeRozier - GitHub
CSH Corona Warnampel
Thanks to Johannes Sorger and Team from CSH Vienna and for the data.
Thanks to Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri - Dipartimento della Protezione Civile.
Thanks to @entorb for the data repo, that was a long search until I found GER data in a (for me) useful form.
His page with the incidence map for Germany and a lot more can be found here.

Thanks to @daniel_passport for the help and inspiration!