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I started this website in Spring 2020 to cover the rules in the different countries.
I was looking for a central source to compare how the pandemic is handled and how countries are reopening.
It became more and more impossible to track all the rules and good sources appeared, that's why now most of the rules are imported from the Oxford University.
What's missing in the Oxford dataset are the restaurants and shops, this is still maintained by us. Please report any error to us!

Who am I

I am a random dude on the internet, without any professional expertise in medicine or statistics.
I just needed a project during the lockdown to keep me sane, as all my hobbies were forbidden in that time.
Because I love data, statistics and politics I started this site. I was confused by the different claims
what each country does as a reaction to Covid-19, so I wanted to have this information in one place.
I make changes because I feel I need it presented in another way - simply because I want. Or I want to try a new technology.

Give me the data

For Swiss measures, use this endpoint:
You can use these filters:

  • cantons: cantons (short form like zh for Zurich, ch for measures on national level)
  • types: measure types (see here for the list with ids
  • start: only show measures who started before this date (iso date)
  • end: only show measures who ended after this date or have no end date (iso date)
Example: all mask measures from Geneva and Zurich, starting from August 8:

All the Endpoints here.
Of course it's not documented.