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Disclaimer: With the reopenings it became nearly impossible to track the countries, as most switched to local measures.
Many measures are outdated now!

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Current active measures


* = end of measure undefined, # = regional
Dark: Full closure // Light: Partial closure/with restrictions // White: Revoked/Never introduced

Reported new cases

Source Cases: J. Hopkins University

Positive rate (Tests), past 7 days

Source Positivity: Our World in data

Development past week/week before (%)

Rise/Fall total cases past 7 days compared to one week ago. BETA!

Death statistics

Source Covvid deaths: J. Hopkins University

Note: some countries provide daily total death numbers, others weekly/other formats. If not daily we calculated the per day value for the period.
Important: the numbers for 2020 are in most cases incomplete! The closer the date, the larger the error margin! Please refer to the original source.
Also keep in mind that in all countries, the outbreaks where regional - while some regions had significant more deaths, others had usual or lower death numbers.

As a comparison, you see the daily average in the past years and the daily average in the highest week in the past years. See explanation above the chart.